Sunday, 5 October 2014

Colouring with Promarkers using -TSC- baby processing

Hi ya today I had a fantastic opertunity to colour a brand new image today from the awesome Tamara from the stamping chef.
Image is called Baby Processing I just love the meter on her tummy telling her when it's time :)

I used my promarkers and these are the colours I have used.
Burnt sienna, Raw sienna, Oatmeal.
Skin : Almond, Blush, Oatmeal, Soft peach, Dusky Rose, Pastel Pink.
Shale, Antique pink, Baby Pink.
Blues : midnight blue, Cornflower blue, Denim blue, Pastel blue.
Colours used for the meter: Forest Green,  poppy red.

If you are interested in following my posts about colour combos and want to see some more then if you could leave me a comment I would be grateful ty xx hugs xx


kraftyplannergurl said...

so gorgeous love your colouring 'Promarker Queen' x x

Kym said...

wow this is awesome sooo wish it would come out like that when i use promarkers - lol - would love more info on your promarker work and color combos - and i also think you are the Pro-Marker Queen
TFS - Kym xx

8kidsandstillfindtimetocraft said...

Ty Kerrie xx

8kidsandstillfindtimetocraft said...

Your welcome kym ... On skin I go light to dark and clothes I go dark to light .. Hair I seem to do both depending what look I'm achieving xx

Millan said...

I would love if you shared more info about the colorcombos for promarkers! :)

8kidsandstillfindtimetocraft said...

Awww ty Millan I think I am going to keep sharing colour combos .. happy colouring :)

Tina Chianna said...

totally loving the colour work yet again, so inspiring... xx can't you make a mistake then i have something different to say lol... only joking xx